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2014-15 NAP Information                             2014-15 GNT Information
Updated Morganton GNT flyer with corrected date/hotel information
2015 March/April D-7 Bridge News Edition
Pime Mtn (Callaway Gardens) GA Regional
District 7 Change of Rank (March 2015 pre-release)
Greenville Regional Alternate housing infomartion

MABC Update

On January 5th District 7 assumed responsibility for running its Regionals; the New MABC is playing a supportive role to both District 6 and District 7.

To that effect, the following has been done:

1-      The Funds in the MABC treasury have been disbursed 40% to District 6 and 60% to District 7. Approximately one year’s worth of expenses was left in the MABC treasury and District  6 & 7 will replenish those funds on an annual basis based on the percentage of tables at the Regionals in each District.

2-      MABC is now functioning with a smaller Board and doing well in fulfilling its new mission under the leadership of Fred King and Chris Moll (President and Vice President respectively).

3-      The Tournament Operations Committee of D7, chaired by Dick Myers, has assumed the responsibility for D7 Regionals.

4-      The Cape Fear Regional was the first Regional run by the District.  Although attendance was lower than expected, the tournament itself was well received by the players.

5-      Some issues were uncovered at Cape Fear that will require further effort; the running of the Regional by the District remains a “work in progress”

6-      All future hotel contracts are now the responsibility of the District.

We will have an update at the Board meetings in Gatlinburg and Greenville and firm proposals for Policies and Procedures at the Atlanta.

The 2015 District 7 Goodwill Celebration and Dinner will be held on THURSDAY, June 11 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Greenville SC.
Invitations to members will be sent out shortly after the regional in Gatlinburg.
This year’s “entertainment” will feature the District 7 Goodwill Players in the musical “The Sound of Goodwill”. Please make your plans to attend.
Wilmington NC Regional
District 7 Director BOD Report - Providence 2015
Charleston SC Regional
District 7 2014 NAP Finals
District 7 Bridge News Ad Policies

MABC Developments:

On May 24 and 25, committees from District 6 & 7 met to develop plans for the transition to running their regional Tournaments. In summary they agreed to:

1-      Start running the tournaments and assume financial control at the conclusion of the Charleston Tournament on Jan 5, 2015

2-      Continue to have a smaller MABC organization to handle issues where it makes economic and practical  sense. Items like tables, Bridgemates, consumables, flyers, etc.

3-      The new MABC would develop a budget and be funded based on usage by Districts 6 & 7.

4-      Districts would develop capabilities within their organization to handle the Regional tournament in their respective Districts after the Jan date.

To that effect, D7 has formed a Tournament Operations Committee (TOC) to handle our Tournaments. It will be chaired by the District VP-Dick Myers, and is already working on contracts, schedules, advertising and procedures for tournaments after January, starting with Callaway Gardens.

We will be having a District wide open meeting on Saturday morning July 12 at the Columbia regional to share information and solicit input from the members of the District. Look for details in the daily bulletin.

More detailed information can be found following the attached link.

District 7 2014 GNT Finals
District 7 Entitlement Requests
Do you have an idea for a new program to promote bridge in your area? District 7 has allocated funds to support local activities designed to attract new players. Any unit may submit a request to the Entitlement Chairman - Dick Myers by email at: ramunlim@yahoo.com. Past programs have included starting new duplicate games, teaching programs, and Easybridge.
Bob Heller, D-7 District Director
Bob Heller
D-7 District Director
Our representative on the
ACBL Board of Directors
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